Video Marketing Strategy for Small Business __ Mike Wolpert

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Video Marketing strategy for Small Business is critical in today’s fast changing world. Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Customer Testimonials, Email marketing - every area of our business marketing is better with video. To discover more, visit
Here are the five marketing videos that
every small business has to have to reach more
prospects get more customers and make
more sales.
Each video is just a simple story
but it's told in a way that gets
attention builds connection and leads to
new business.
Your first video is the
customer benefits story this is much
more than just what you do this is about
what you do for your customers what's in
it for them - what's in it for me,
your customer!

A great way to frame this
is by telling people what you believe; “we
believe that our customers deserve these
results we believe that their life
becomes better because of this and then
you tell them with a smile we do this we
love doing this and we'd love to do this
thing for you” always ask for the sale
because it's polite to let people know
that you welcome their business when you
do that you're likely to get their
business because people like to feel
appreciated. Here is a video about “We Believe” statements:

These marketing videos work together and add tremendous value over time.
If you're a coach or a therapist or a
trainer, your video marketing strategy is to tell me how we're gonna work
together so that my life gets better if
you're a lawyer a broker a wealth
manager tell me how you've done what
you've done for your other clients and
you can also tell us how to use your
thing right so we get the best results
give some how to answer some frequently
asked questions
show off your expertise and become known
as the expert.
If you’re a doctor chiropractor
dentist orthodontists you can give videos on post
visit self-care and follow up tips.
Just help me imagine my experience with you.

These video marketing stories make it so much easier to
become a customer I'm so much more
comfortable coming in the door and your
fourth video the story of your staff
this is especially important super
important for any retail real life
customer facing business so if you're in
a business where you talk to your
customers where you got again to come
through your door or you've got to get
invited through their front door then
this is for you
because once prospects have seen you and
your folks on a video on the internet
probably from the phone and the palm of
their hand it's kind of intimate they
feel like they know you a little bit let
me meet you and your front line staff
before I even walk in the door and I get
to know like and trust you a little bit
faster makes it easier to buy buy more
and buy more often and we get to know
your staff but they get to be featured
and acknowledged what do they love about
working here what's their favorite thing
that you sell what experiences can they
share about your customers people just
like me right this video everybody feels
good and Rao goes up sales goes up
retention goes up everybody's happy and
the fifth most important video if you do
nothing else please do this customer
testimonial videos nothing speaks louder
about you than the words of others and
it's true today more than ever before in
a sea of advertising noise and Static
we need social proof evidence from other
people just like us that you're as good
as you say that we can trust you now if
I vouch for you to my friends now that's
good enough for them it works that way
even with total strangers on the
internet because we all need social
proof now a couple great things happen
with video testimonials first right away
you have an instantly believable high
value permanent marketing asset and
you're making it easy for
people to see themselves in the copy
customer shoes right
having that happy customer experience
and who wouldn't want to be your
customer when it feels that good and now
perhaps most importantly you've paid a
good customer a huge compliment that's a
level of respect that gets noticed by
everybody that'll probably generate even
more business.
These are
the five videos that will form five
pillars of your video marketing strategy and enhance your online

This is a very
good idea well worth exploring and if
you're still watching this video you're
probably interested so I invite you to
call me let's discover how this will
work for your business call my cell
leave a message leave a text I'll call
you back by close of business tomorrow
well better yet drop me an email Mike at
social jumpstart com do that and we'll
Hop on a call, brainstorm some ideas and begin to create a video marketing strategy for your small business.

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