Ukraine: Fire survivors recall Odessa leisure camp’s poor conditions

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Survivors of the Odessa leisure centre fire recounted the poor conditions at the children's camp, Saturday. "Water was striking with electricity every time we were having a shower," according to one of the children who managed to escape from the burning building.
Eyewitness and camp attendee (Russian): "If it were not for Tatyana Olegovna and if she had not woken us up, we would not have run out. I do not know, I owe Tatyana Olegovna a lot. I told her many thanks that she woke us up. For the fact that she woke us up and we ran out, many thanks to her."
Eyewitness and camp attendee (Russian): "There were two girls with me in the room. We all lived in rooms of three. We wanted to run down the stairs, we lived on the second floor, but we could not even go half way there, because everything was in smoke and it was impossible to breathe, not to see anything, because the smoke was in our eyes."
Yliya, Mother of one of the kids in the camp (Russian): "Why did the alarm not go off when there was a fire? Why? If they turned it off, then they are responsible for what they did. The children were sleeping there, and their leader slept there as well."
Eyewitness and camp attendee (Russian): "Water was striking with electricity every time we were having shower."
Eyewitness and camp attendee (Russian): "And in the house that burned, there was only one fire extinguisher, and the rest was just hunging empty."
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