Shawn Mendes & Kylie Jenner Approved Shows To Binge!

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There are so many reasons to love Thanksgiving! The food! The time with family and friends! The Black Friday shopping! And also… a turkey induced binge sesh. Happy Thanksgiving guys, I’m Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and for one, I am looking forward to some quality couch time catching up on the endless hours of entertainment via Netflix, or Hulu, or the new Disney plus. We got options! Realistically though… we probably have too many choices. How will we decide which show is binge-worthy while enjoying grandma’s pumpkin pie? Thankfully, we have a ton of celebs who’ve shared their favorite shows making our decision that much easier. Let’s kick it off with a classic, courtesy of our favorite newlyweds, Justin and Hailey Bieber!
With all the Thanksgiving episodes, Friends is an obvious choice. Pro tip: If you only watch one Friends episode after dinner, make it the one with Brad Pitt.LOVE. And like we said, The Bieber household is with us on this one. Hailey recently shared her quote “favorite kinda date night.” AKA, Netflix, Justin, and Friends. Sticking with the crowd pleasing classics, Billie Eilish’s favorite show is sure to put everyone in the best mood post turkey. Billie’s love for The Office runs so deep, she even sampled the series in her song “My Strange Addiction.” Something tells us the Eilish family will be spending a healthy amount of time with Michael Scott and the gang this holiday. Ok, but if you’re looking for something a little more current, and perhaps a little dark, Kylie Jenner’s favorite show might do the trick. Now, we can’t underestimate just how much the reality star loves The Handmaid’s Tale. You may remember Kylie caused quite the controversy by throwing her BFF Stassi a Handmaid’s Tale birthday party this summer.Ya’ll don’t have to get THAT into it, but hey, somehow Thanksgiving with the fam always turns political no matter how hard you try, right? So Kylie’s fav just might be the perfect fit! If not… cause let’s face it, that show is a LOT, maybe stick with something lighter and comical like Harry Style’s new obsession. “The Other Two” is a relatively new series on Comedy Central and according to Harry: “It’s really funny.” And we can attest to that. A spoof of Justin Bieber and the “other” siblings having to deal with their mega super star teen brother? Sign us up! Another comedy that’s sure to please even your grouchiest uncle comes from Zendaya. The Euphoria star can’t get enough of Showtime’s Shameless. No really. She told Refinery 29, “I can not stop watching it. I’m going too fast. You know when you watch your favorite show almost too much? To a point where like you get sad because you know it’s going to end soon and you’re going to have nothing to do with your life?”Woah… it’s like Zen tapped into our souls. We relate. Ok, we gotta give you a more family friendly option too. Ya know… in case the kiddos want some Thanksgiving downtime too. If that’s the case, Shawn Mendes has given us perhaps the most wholesome entertainment imaginable. But shhhh…. It’s a secret! Something tells us Selena already knows… But honestly, not a bad choice! And completely binge-able now thanks to Disney Plus! So we can relive every single Alex Russo shenanigan like...Oh and Shawn gave us another binge-worthy idea too! Man, how does he find the time for all these shows?? Doesn’t he have like music to write, and shows to perform, and a girlfriend to hang out with? And yet… Ok, we’ll give this one to him. Greys is amazing and a complete time suck. You just can’t turn it off with moments like these...We’re not gonna ruin the scene. Just make your way through Season 3 on Thanksgiving -- it’s available on Netflix -- to find out who’s lacy thong was on display. Whew! That’s quite the exhaustive list we got there thanks to our celeb’s obsession with television! Did Kylie and Justin and Shawn give you any good ideas on what to binge in between dinner and shopping?
Better yet! Do YOU have ideas for your fellow Clevver subscribers? Let us know in the comment section down below! And don’t forget to subscribe to Clevver News for all the latest entertainment buzz! I’m Sussan Mourad, Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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