Noah Centineo Calls Alexis Ren 'The Angel' In His Life!

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America’s favorite boyfriend has had a busy few days. He’s hopping up and down red carpets, making rounds for interviews, and doing what you do with what you've done for others. But in the midst of it all, Noah Centineo and his girlfriend Alexis Ren always find the time to show appreciation for each other.What’s up guys, it’s Drew Dorsey here with Clevver News and sorry to all the girls he’s loved before, and all the girls he never got a chance to love before, because Noah is officially in love with model Alexis Ren.The two have reportedly only been dating for a few months now, but they’re already in the running to be the hottest celebrity couple of 2019. And he’s certainly not afraid to let you know that. At the People’s Choice Awards on Sunday, Noah went backstage after accepting his award for “Comedy Movie Star”.He won for his starring role in the Netflix movie “The Perfect Date” and beat out comedy legends like Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Adam Sandler, and Mindy Kaling. During his acceptance speech for the award, Noah gave a, uh, attempt at an inspirational momentI think what he was trying to say here is that what really matters is what you do with your fame to help people who are less fortunate. Either way, he’s laughing about his funny moment now, so we can too! Noah has done things in the past for charity. He recently just did a giveaway contest where one lucky winner can hang out with him and quote, “connect on life, passion, hardship, friendship, you, me and everything in between”.And all of the money raised from the giveaway went to two different charities that Noah helped sponsor. But after his acceptance speech at the People’s Choice Awards, Noah went backstage where he talked to Jason Kennedy much more eloquently about his love for his girlfriend Alexis. But he definitely wasn’t done gushing about Alexis just quite yet. The next day, Noah had the premiere for his new movie “Charlie’s Angels”. The Los Angeles premiere kicked off the wide release of the movie that happens next weekend, on November 15. Noah celebrated this exciting new chapter for him, starring alongside Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Stewart and the rest of the cast. Kristen said in a recent interview that when she started filming Charlie’s Angels with Noah, she wasn’t quite sure who he was. BUT, she said that he was certainly charming.Which I think pretty much sums up what we all thought about him when we first watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. And while he was on the red carpet, crutches in hand, he stopped by to answer some questions about the movie and his love life. Entertainment Tonight asked where Alexis was, and Noah said that she couldn’t make it because she was in Tahiti “raising awareness for coral.”

Which if you didn’t know there is a massive dying of coral all across the globe and coral reefs are endangered, so thank you Alexis for doing God’s work! She also shared some photos of herself with native children where she says she is teaching them about coral restoration.So I guess Noah was right! She really is out there raising awareness of coral! But that’s not all he said. The interviewer playfully asked him if Alexis was an angel in his life, and see for yourself how he responded. SOOOO Cute! While Alexis couldn’t make it to the People’s Choice Awards or Noah’s new movie premiere, the couple just made their red carpet debut last month at the UNICEF masquerade ball.The masquerade ball was also a charity event, and raised 450,000 dollars for children around the world. And as we all know, making a red carpet debut with your significant other is the celebrity version of becoming Instagram official.

Which, uh, Alexis and Noah have still yet to do. But you know they really care for each other because Alexis has been helping Noah out after he had to get surgery on his leg. He injured himself playing basketball in October and had to get corrective surgery on his ACL, which is a major medical issue. Well, Noah has shared videos of himself struggling with everyday tasks, like showering.And Alexis was there every step of the way. During his busy weekend, he also went on Jimmy Kimmel where he discussed his shower livestream and his recent injury. And luckily for us, he hasn’t started filming for “He Man” yet, so this shouldn’t get in the way. And it looks like America’s favorite boyfriend found himself his favorite girlfriend. So I want to hear what you guys think about their relationship. Do you think that they’re cute together? I for one can’t wait to see more red carpet photo ops of these two. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.And then make sure you subscribe to Clevver News by tapping that subscribe button!

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