Noah Centineo & Alexis Ren Spend First Thanksgiving Together!

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We are officially in full holiday season swing and gone are the days of debuting your couples Halloween costumes. It’s Thanksgiving and you know what that means, it’s time for food, family and FIRST APPEARANCES… you know of your significant other!

How’s it going everyone it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News and Happy Thanksgiving! You know I just love this time of year because all the cute couples that got together in early 2019 are getting the chance to share their first major holiday together, make memories and “Meet The Family.”

For some of our favorite celebrity couples Thanksgiving will be their first time introducing their S-O to extended family or for those who have been together for awhile... It will be their first Thanksgiving as a married couple! So let’s rejoice in the cheer of this holiday and look at some celebrity couples spending their first Thanksgiving together!

We have to give it up for our NEWLYWEDS, because we know they’re stuck together in sickness and in health! First up we have Mr. & Mrs. Justin Bieber!

Justin and Hailey have officially been married for a year, but they made it officially official with a southern wedding ceremony in early October! Technically they have shared a thanksgiving together as Mr. & Mrs. Bieber, but I personally don’t feel like a marriage is binding until we get the big shabang!

I know you may disagree with me and that’s fine… this isn’t about me.. It’s about the Biebs!

As we know, family is HUGE to both Justin and Hailey, so I’ll be interested to find out if they plan to spend their turkey day in Justin’s native Canada or Los Angeles with Hailey’s family OR will they be hosting the big feast for both families?!?

Do you think Hailey’s the cook of the couple? Or do you think Justin? Or both? Or Postmates? I have so many questions!

Another newlywed couple who will definitely be celebrating their first Thanksgiving dinner as husband and wife… Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau!

While most are still are not 100% positive this marriage is legally binding, the two social stars have convinced us they’re in it for the long haul! Despite not living under the same roof... yet, they still stand by that they’re husband and wife.

Jake lives in the Team 10 House and Tana lives in her own house with a few of her besties. We caught up with Tana earlier this month at the E! PEople’s Choice Awards where she shed some light on what her holiday plans look like as Mrs. Tana Paul!

It sounds to me like this Thanksgiving will be anything but your average family dinner! Combine team 10 house with Tana’s besties… lots of drinks and an entire feast… all I have to say is….

Now let’s talk about all the couples not legally married, but their love is new and so intense they’re already acting like married couples!

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson! These two have been going hot and heavy for a little over a month now and Miley hasn’t wasted any time introducing her new Aussie man to her family!

We cannot forget to mention Noah Centineo and Alexis Ren as a first time couple potentially spending Thanksgiving together! Like many of the celebs already mentioned, Noah and Alexis have been together for a few short months, but are absolutely head over heels for one another!

She’s been taking care of Noah since he tore his ACL playing basketball and had to knee surgery! From his showers to helping him get around, Alexis has been by her man’s side… so it only makes sense that she will be right there helping Noah through Thanksgiving!

The guy has gotta eat and with one hand on a crutch and the other having to hold a plate, how does he expect to scoop food… ALEXIS of course!

It’ll be a busy Thanksgiving for our favorite celebrity couples! I hope there are no family arguments at the dinner table that could scare them away from their S-O!

I’m curious to know what you think about these couples spending their first major holiday together! And are you hoping they’ll share updates on their socials about spending time with their SoO’s families? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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I’m Sussan Mourad Cheers to love and Happy Thanksgiving!

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