MET GALA Theme & First Time Celeb Co-Chair Revealed!

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Fashion fans gather round because the 2020 Met Gala theme and co-chairs have been revealed. And this year a never before attendee of the MET Gala is CO-HOSTING THE SHABANG!

What’s up? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and we all remember this year’s Met Gala theme right?

It was Camp: Notes on Fashion, which a lot of people didn’t seem to fully understand.

It essentially means “over the top,” but some celebs like James Charles, Gwyenth Paltrow, and Karlie Kloss didn’t really embody that theme with their looks.

And now with this year’s theme being revealed I’ve got to say I’m thoroughly confused!

This coming year marks the 150th anniversary of the Met Gala, so it’s a big milestone event for everyone.

The 2020 Gala will take place on May 7, the first Monday in May, duh.

And it will showcase 160 women’s fashion pieces from the last century and a half and more. So are you ready for the theme?

The 2020 Met Gala theme is “About Time: Fashion and Duration.”

And my first reaction is…

Ohhhh cool wow! (sarcastically)

I’m sorry these themes are getting WAY out there. Like what happened to like Ugly Sweater parties or the Under the Sea theme?

Imagine if the Met Gala was actually under the sea themed. I would love to see Kim Kardashian come in a full blown fish dress.

Ok anyway, back to the actual theme “About Time: Fashion and Duration.”

And before you say “huh?!” allow me to read you the New York Times description of what that means.

They are describing it as quote, “inspired in part by the novels of Virginia Woolf and the theories of the early-20th-century French philosopher Henri Bergson, whose admittedly somewhat obscure but also important musings on time posited it as a constantly mutating stream rather than a series of discrete moments.”

Does that help? NO?

Ok if not, the Met art curator explained it as quote, “an exhibition focused on the collection, but not a traditional masterworks exhibition. Something that connects to the zeitgeist, and what people are talking about now.”

Still not visualising it? Yeah, me either…

I didn’t really understand until I saw this one fan tweet about one of Camila Cabello’s performances that pretty much sums it up.

They wrote quote, “the met gala theme reminds me of the SNL cry for me performance lmao”

So it looks like we will be having some Marie Antoinette type looks and I am so here for it.

The Met art curator also further explained the theme and said quote, “Fashion is indelibly connected to time. It not only reflects and represents the spirit of the times, but it also changes and develops with the times.”

So it will definitely be interesting to see what the celebs wear from different eras of fashion.

And along with the theme, the co-chairs were announced, and Like I said, a co-hair that has never even ATTENDED the Met Gala!

Last year’s co-chairs were Lady Gaga, Serena Williams, Harry Styles, and the Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, so we had a pretty good feeling that this year’s co-chairs would be just as iconic.

And we weren’t wrong.

This year’s co-chairs are Emma Stone, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Louis Vutton artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière, and for first-ever attendance at the Met Gala, Meryl Streep.

How has Meryl Streep, the biggest A-List, celebrity on this planet never attended the Met Gala?!?!

But she’s debuting in the best way possible, as a co-chair.

One person wrote quote, “The real question is....Will @rihanna be attending”

Another said quote, “Theme: “about time: fashion and duration.” This has got BTS written all over it. Please invite @BTS_twt to Met Gala 2020!!

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