Megan Thee Stallion's MUGSHOT Re-Surfaces!

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Listen up people, because Megan Thee Stallion is letting fans in on a pretty juicy ‘storytime’ about her 2015 arrest all thanks to her resurfaced mugshot… gotta love the internet…

What’s up guys, it’s Dani Golub back here on Clevver News, and if you thought you were having a bad week, at least your 5-year-old mugshot wasn’t brought back to life, to the point where you’re forced to relive a bunch of toxic memories…

That’s basically how this week is panning out for Megan The Stallion, after she went viral yesterday because her 2015 mugshot resurfaced on the Internet.

The buzz surrounding the mugshot became so intense that Megan was forced to come clean and clarify details about her arrest, explaining that she ended up in jail after getting into a fight with her ex-boyfriend while attending South by Southwest.

Thankfully she took the viral news pretty lightly as she appeared to be laughing in her live video, while starting with,
She continued to explain herself,
She explained that she was at SXSW and her boyfriend at the time had a baby!
She said quote, “I had just found out (he) had a baby at the damn concert.”
You’d think this kinda thing happens only on like, reality television, yet here we are…
Anyway, she, too, was clearly taken aback by the baby-mama-drama news, which prompted her to take action.
She said quote, “Like, what a way for a girl to find out your man cheated on you and had a baby… I was so mad, and you gotta know, my temper is bad. And the baby had been born — like the baby was here. The baby was damn-near one.”
Megan proceeded to add that her ex revealed the news to her by showing her his phone after she had asked him who he was texting.
At this point, any given person would generally go into ‘fight or flight’ mode, and although Megan revealed she tried to take the flight route, things escalated, and she couldn’t help but take a swing after she alleged that HE started to get feisty.
Ok, yeah, so I wouldn’t exactly use ‘cute’ to describe this situation especially considering the fact that she claims this dude was 6’9 snatched her phone, smashed it on the ground, and gave it a good stomping.
And that’s when a witness called the police, who arrived just as Megan was trying to fight back.
She said QUOTE, “When I was ready to give it to him, the police pull up when I’m punching… now the police are here and I look like the aggressor. The police are like ‘Ma’am are you okay?’ and I’m like ‘No, he just had a baby, he cheated on me!”
The police proceeded to ask her if her ex had hit her, to which she replied, “So, me being the real girl that I am I say, ‘No officer, he didn’t hit me,’ because I don’t want him to go to jail!”
Buuuuut her ex, on the other hand, wasn’t as forgiving… when asked if Megan had hit him, he ratted her out and said, “Yeah! She hit me in the eye.”
She then got handcuffed and taken away, hence the viral mugshot… BUT the worst part about this entire thing, if you ask me…
Just… tragic, honestly.
But Megan’s arrest story wasn’t the only gem she revealed during her Instagram live.
She also set the record straight on those Tristan Thompson and G-Eazy relationship rumors, and rest assured, Meg is urging fans to stop worrying about her… lady parts.
She said QUOTE, “Stop worrying about my p—. My p— is tired of having press conferences with y’all about who she’s dealing with. She not dealing with nobody. We don’t got no boyfriend. We be having fun.”
G-Eazy also set the record straight over the weekend, telling reporters that the two are “just friends.”

Mind you, this also comes just a week after he posted a super NSFW video of himself all up on Thee Stallion.

As for Tristan Thompson, Megan was quick to put an end to rumors that the two had been spending time together, and that SHE was the reason Tristan didn’t play in a basketball game against the Miami Heat back in November.

Ok, even I think y’all were reaching with this one…

Anyway, after fans took to Twitter to claim that clearly Megan must’ve “worn Tristan out,” rumors were also shut down by sports reporter Joe Gabriele, who stated that Tristan simply just had the night off.

Alright guys, I know that was a lot to take in, but right now I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Meg’s resurfaced mugshot story, and do you think there could be some truth to the G-Eazy dating rumors?

Get to talking down here in the comments, and then don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, hit that notification bell, and click right over here to watch another new video.

As always, I’m your host Dani Golub thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!

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