Emma Chamberlain & James Charles' INSANE Black Friday Moments!

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Winter is coming, and so is something even scarier… Black Friday. With the lines wrapped around the block and people camping outside, one might even think it’s a free BTS concert… but nope just Black Friday deals. And some of our favorite YouTubers have had CRAZY Black Friday experiences.

What’s up? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News the Black Friday deals can be tempting, but you’ll have to be willing to endure the crowds.

Stores like Target, Best Buy, and Costco offer crazy deals on big ticket items like TVs, laptops, and other expensive gadgets.

So we decided to take a look back on some of our favorite YouTubers Black Friday experiences to decide if we really want to go out there and fight the crowds ourselves.

And I’ve got to warn you, you may not even recognize some of these YouTubers, we went into the archives for this!

Starting with James Charles WAAAAY back in 2014 who talked about his Black Friday shopping experience on his old channel…

Where he didn’t start his videos with his classic “hi sisters,” instead he had a different, somewhat disgusting intro.

He explained his very first Black Friday experience and he was pretty disappointed.

James and his friends made the classic mistake of showing up around midnight.

This is a Black Friday newbie mistake. All the deals start waaay before midnight these days.

James goes on to GO OFF on Black Friday and talk about how he shouldn’t have to leave during the middle of his Thanksgiving dinner to get the good deals.

And you know what James? We actually see eye to eye on this. I agree.

But not all YouTubers had negative experiences when Black Friday shopping.

Back in 2016, Tana posted her epic Black Friday haul video to reveal everything she bought when Black Friday shopping.

She decided to shop at a bunch of stores her fans also shop at and include links in case anyone wanted to buy any of the same items she got.

And she really did link all of the items for her fans, for all 55 ITEMS she bought. We see you Tana, even on Black Friday, that’s a lot of money to spend.

And she wrote in the description saying quote, “Links to everything! this took me 3 hours so maybe look at it idk lol:”

And we appreciate when they post links like this because it saves me the trouble of having to fight the crowds on Black Friday, I can just hop online on Cyber Monday for a similar deal.

Anyway, next up are Niki and Gabi who posted a Black Friday shopping haul back in 2017.

They have been posting Black Friday shopping videos since around 2014, so these two are seasoned vets when it comes to fighting the crowds.
This time around though they decided to shop during the day on the Friday rather than trying to go to the mall late Thursday night after Thanksgiving dinner.

They also revealed that they didn’t get to stop in as many stores because of how many people were there.

So I’ve just gotta say, thank you for that note Niki and Gabi. I will definitely try to stay away from the malls during the day on Friday.

I can only imagine how many people are there trying to do their holiday shopping.

But they still did manage to do some damage and got plenty of goodies from Bath and Body Works, Victoria Secret, Pacsun, and more.

So good for them, but I still wasn’t sold on this whole Black Friday thing.

Until I watched Emma Chamberlain’s video that’s also from back in 2017.

Her energy was infectious. If I am going Black Friday shopping with anyone, it HAS to be Emma.

And they got inside to find that they were the only ones there.

What on earth?! Is that a Black Friday miracle?

Now that’s some Black Friday shopping I can get behind. I could definitely do some damage in an empty Urban Outfitters where everything is on sale. Yes please.

Emma also graced us not only with a vlog of her experience, but also a haul for the second half of the video.

Find yourself a queen that can do BOTH.
But alright you guys, I want to know what you guys think about Black Friday shopping.

Do you get excited about it like Emma or are you less into it like James? Did any of these vlogs or hauls convince you to get out there?

Let me know down in the comments below. And let me know if you do decide to go and get any good deals!

After that, why don’t you dive in to more Clevver News by hitting that subscribe button and click that bell so you don’t miss any of our new stories. Then click right over here for more entertainment news. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m Emile Ennis Jr. and have a great day.

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